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This is our old site, and thus for the moment is forsaken; you will still find lots of good information, and we hope to remake and revisit this site in the not too distant future to provide a forum for like minded groups to be encouraged and educated on the benefits of real food.

“If we throw mother nature out the window, she comes back in theThink Baby names door with a pitchfork.


Tremendous read on fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol:)

We have mentioned Dr. Gary Taubes and his book, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” to a number of members. If you or a loved one has questions about fat intake, cholesterol, or just want a great introduction to the whats, whys, and no ways of modern nutritional suggestions versus what the evidence actually says, check out this brief article by Dr. Taubes and pass it along to others.



Welcome to Whole Life!


If I urinated into a pitcher of drinking water and then proceeded to quench my thirst from the pitcher, I would undoubtedly be considered crazy. If I invented an expensive put my urine and feces into my drinking water, and then invented another expensive (and undependable) technology to make the same water fit to drink, I might be thought even crazier. It is not inconceivable negotiate tax debt that some psychiatrist would ask me knowingly why I wanted to mess up my drinking water in the first place.�
Wendell Berry


“The sense of entitlement to ‘cheap food’ is actually a relatively new phenomenon and paralleled the rise of industrial agriculture and large scale monocropping and CAFOs. As recently as the 1930s, Americans spent an average of 34% of their income on food. By the 1990s, this figure had dropped to 9.5%. By contrast, of course, healthcare costs have skyrocketed during this same period, along with a carpet cleaning torrance ca concurrent rise in chronic disease.”

Deverell Pedersen